'Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?'

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‘Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?’
The standards of beauty vary from culture to culture.In the west fair complexion, blue eyes and short blonde hair are considered beautiful whereas in the east large black eyes with long black hair wheatish complexion are hallmarks of beauty.
However, still, there is a constant struggle for a fairer tone in the east, especially in the subcontinent.Fairness is considered beauty.However, what about the glow of naturally blessed complexion, the charm of personality and sweetness of one’s nature?Are these all meaningless in front of your look.Ladies need to recognise their uniqueness.Whatever may be the complexion or external appearance, they all fall short when one loses the ability to feel beautiful.
I suffered from low self-esteem due to my wheatish complexion.My mum always praised me, but still, I had this feeling.Never tried fairness stuff as whatever I applied I felt greasy despite having dry skin.I had put more efforts in aesthetical treatments like glycolic peels microdermabrasion and facials at a very tender age.This worsened it, made my complexion two toned, and dull.Because after these treatments skin becomes sensitive to UV, and you need to apply sunscreen 24×7, which I hated. Didn’t knew the logic behind back then which lead to such consequences.Once during a casual conversation with my neighbour cum sister Nafisa I realised I needed something for my face something beneficial to make it healthy.She suggested naturals oils.The concept was new for me. I discussed with my sister in law Dr Shahida my husband’s cousin who is a researcher and scientist. She confirmed that use of certain oils does effect tremendously in skin renewal and enhancement.This embarked a new journey of exploring the world of oils and their benefits.I was always keen on natural stuff and their healing powers.Being biotechnologist I had studied stuff in detail.
All commercial brands need some fillers and stabilisers to profit large scale.My concept is why not use the main ingredient directly itself!pure and organic!
So I started using stuff, pure ingredients directly and regularly.My skin not only renewed but stayed healthy and even. I got a compliment from my husband as well.
Despite achieving healthy glowing skin, I still had a complex of not being fair.It was not until one of my customer Hina complimented me on my complexion that I was able to break my inhibitions. It mattered cause this time it came from a very fair and beautiful lady herself!

Beauty is only skin deep.We must love the way we have been created and try to enhance our originality.That is the reason my products are highly customised.Each skin type is different with different needs.I address each client with full attention. For convenience, I classified skin types into three broad categories dry/normal oily/combination and sensitive and subcategories depending on their extremities just in case.Hundreds of women have benefitted from my products and by Gods grace will continue to be

The secret is to know and believe that ” YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

Written by Juvieria Khatoon

Edited By Humera Chowdhry

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