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Summer Hacks By Zainab

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After a winter of hibernation and before we swelter in the scorching heat and hot weather the Middle East, I’ve found some few hacks & tips for your skin and hair to get ready in “SUMMERS”


  • Sunscreen

    You may be careful to not get sunburns or staying indoors all day, but UV light is all throughout the year and continuous exposure to UVA and UVB rays causes premature ageing while you may be still in your 20s and guess what? it’s irreversible. Using sunscreen with at least SPF 30 may prevent your skin from ageing, tanning and skin cancer. Don’t forget to wear it.


  • Aloe ice cubes

    Take a thick pure of Aloe vera, pour into the ice tray and freeze it!
    You can pop out the aloe cubes and gently rub it on your face and neck and also apply that to soothe for your sunburn.
  • Be gentle

    Your hair gets as dirty as your face during summers and you tend to want to wash your hair daily. Using a mild shampoo and conditioner so that it doesn’t strip your essential oils which naturally moisturise your hair.


  • Go natural

    Layers of primers, heavy concealers, intense contour, mists and sprays …Girl you don’t really want to apply hundreds of layers to melt at the end of the day. Skip your foundation routine and stick to a concealer which will cover your blemishes and spots. You can even try a tinted moisturiser for a radiant glow.
  • Stay dry and smell good

    Use a light weight deodorant or perfume to keep fresh all day. To keep it long lasting use a light weight body lotion underneath and it will last for hours!
  • Keep it waterproof

    At the end of the day, no one likes racoon eyes, using a waterproof mascara or liner is a great rescue to all the makeup lovers.


  • Hydrate and Hydrate

    During the summer months, heat and sweat can leave your body dehydrated, which is harmful to your body. So, it’s incredibly important to keep yourself hydrated, not only to prevent thirst and to maintain blood circulation but also to remove toxins and it’s really important for skin, hair, nails and oral care. And if you’re bored of water, you can go for coconut water or watermelon!
  • Simple and fresh

    Keep your wardrobe with clean, loose clothes, your maxi dress will keep you cooler. Also, choose clothes in natural fabrics and avoid embellishments.

Contributed by Zainab Sabah

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