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Just like everyone in Saudi Arabia, this year the Saudi National Day’s celebration has brought a great after-effect which will forever be remained in everyone’s mind. One of the witnesses was Ms. Warda Yousufi, She is an active blogger and a passionate writer while being an M.Phil.student entitled to Doctorate in Globalization and Politics. She also studied Journalism as part of her majors and that’s how she entered into the writer’s arena.While being a writer she advocates women empowerment and also an Activist.Parts her time between writing and contributing articles and in reading and studying for her majors.Writes mostly about the cunning issues that may seem controversial often times but her niche is to break stereotypes of society and shes all up for fighting to break them. A prolific writer with her own charisma felt through her words.She pursues her dreams and encourages other women to follow theirs.

This is How Ms. Yousufi experienced The Remarkable Celebration Of  The 87th Saudi National Day 2017, below in her own words.

With the advent of Saudi national day, the excitement for celebration had already gone up. While social media had already announced the events that were confirmed to take place according to the time and schedule, many visitors had already signed up. Through sheer anticipation, finally the morning came, and all the excitement soared high, be it young ones or the old ones, one could see all sharing the same spirit and feel the joy in the air as everybody seemed high in spirits.

While most were busy fixing their cars and had them adorned with Saudi flags, others took to broadways and took part in drifting. Mostly working class got busy with their families, today was their day and to have fun with family is something we all cherish. As someone had said,

“Happiness alone is not a feeling, its essence is in sharing, in order to experience the entirety of it.”

And what better experience could one get other than spending time with their own families and loved ones. GMCs and Land cruisers are huge cars in terms of size and passenger capacity, and they were the ones ruling all the roads. While it was a beautiful sight of all the cars being flocked up on broadways, it was also fun to see how all families were so keen to join each other in fun rides; one could see cars packed with passengers. It all had delivered the same message that it was going to be so much fun throughout and people put up with all traffic jams in order to get to their destination unlike in common working days, where everyone loses their temper while being stuck in traffic for hours, this time You could see them all happy and ready to endure every pain. Such was the scene.

Those who chose to remain indoors had also planned to celebrate the National Day in best possible way. They had cooked meals and designed and decorated every corner of their homes prior to the day.It was a day filled with laughter, joy and happiness and you could feel that each moment when you happen to pass by the streets and parks or public places.

Youth, who usually remain busy with their own world, unlike any other day, seemed all cheered up. While some had already planned their day, others were planning their outfits mostly green coloured as in compliance with the colour of Saudi Flag. Prior to the day, most of them were busy on a shopping spree and found a good opportunity to surprise their peers by choice of outfits they wore. The colours Green and white were Prominent everywhere.

By night, these same guys took to roads and main highways and made their presence known whenever they passed by any trail of cars. Fellow drivers could see them dancing and singing songs and the clever ones made use of their car’s rooftops and peeked through it at all the traffic while waving their flags. Kind of putting up a show even without any camera or crew. No doubt they were talented.

As a result of a recent social media survey, it showed, how the sea of masses turned to the sea for some fresh air and music. As part of the countrywide celebrations, some firms and event planners decided to take the day as an opportunity to entertain their masses. They made arrangements for a live concert and adjusted a huge flat screen as a backdrop of performing stage. The evening was all set when Arabic singers, one of the famous Mohammad Abdou joined the crowd and energized all his fans with his hit singles as told by one of my Saudi friends how she and her friends went to the concert and enjoyed thoroughly the songs sung by their favourite singers.

The coverage of media on the other side is commendable and how it played a vital role in reviving the spirits in the hearts of people for their National Day.

One could not ignore the fact that the source of all the joy and warmth were, Children. Their giggles and laughter were the ultimate joy for both parents and others. Their cheerful faces were enough to feel the happiness around. They, being the future of this country seemed so eager and excited to spend the day with utmost zeal. Because of them, those who were dull and sober became all cheery and playful. Kids have the god gifted talent of exciting others and all of a sudden you could see them making waves all around. Today was their day when they could all get messy and mommies were so lenient for that period of time. Everyone had their share of amusement as family members. By night roads were blocked, flocked with cars, and traffic got jammed in most crossroads that had led to the corniche and red sea, is the most visited places of the day.

Among the events that were arranged in towns and hotels, Airshow was among one took place one of the expensive sites of Jeddah, Rosewood Corniche hotel, that was the on the Lead. It was the spectacular display and only lasted for 12 minutes. The acrobat planes beautified the whole skies. Fireworks at the Red sea mall were no less successful as they secured the second number on the list of top Events with most visitors. People all over social media chanted spells how beautiful fireworks were.

When the night fell, the hungry visitors headed to the popular local eateries with the massive range of cuisines to choose from. Jeddah being the melting pot of countless nationalities and being deeply diverse in its culture; it also facilitates its residents with their respective cuisines. One could find various chains of restaurants serving local cuisine, or some other namely Lebanese and Egyptian with Turkish also the most popular ones.

Coffee shops and patisseries were also the most visited as there’s no concept of celebrations without tons of sweets shared with each other as family and among friends. Customized chocolates were prepared, and cakes were baked specially designed by chefs to Acknowledge National Day. One could see the sales were all high both at restaurants and sweetshops while serving millions of their customers who got hungry after getting exhausted in celebrations. Food business thrives at such occasions and best of all, it all displays the beauty of the community that takes pride in acknowledging its culture and cuisine.

In closing, I would say, that one thing that was common and found everywhere was smiles which were contagious throughout the day. A smile is a universal language, and when you put on for a whole day, the vibes get momentum.”


Article by Warda Yousufi

Contributing Editor Humera Chowdhry


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