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During cruise holiday I used this skin care combination which I wasn’t sure would work for me.
But I was so surprised by the results of these two combinations.
Before I left on a cruise I was having a bit of pigmentation, uneven skin texture cos of changing the climate of Jeddah. Sometimes it would get really dehydrated that it would crack or I ‘ll get dry patches.
So when I packed my skin care I chose these two combos and crossed my fingers hoping it would suit my skin.

And yes now that it has been 3 months almost, I can say that yes my skin has improved. Even though I did not get time for my regular facial, but at the moment my skin feels really smooth and looks quite radiant.

I even got my skin analysis done in Dubai mall. And the only problem they said I have is but of spot appearance on my cheek bone.
Other than that, skin elasticity, skin radiance, fine lines or wrinkles were scored very less . I got my skin analysis done at SK- II skin care counter at Paris Gallery, Dubai Mall.
The girl gave me a compliment and said whatever I m doing is left my skin quite healthy. But of course, I need to use dark spot reduction serum.
Diet also plays a very big role in your skin care. So drink lots of water and eat healthily.

Ok about the products,

  • Shiffa Dubai white tea moisturiser:-
    This moisturiser is Mona Kattan s favourite if you have seen her snapschat . She always uses this.
    This helps in restoring skin balance, evening primrose helps in supple the skin and radiance and reducing the fine lines. White tea extract helps in repair and green tea act as an antioxidant which helps and defend against the visible signs of ageing.
  • Murad Advance Active Radiance Serum:-
    It has double faster acting brightens formula radiance and reverses the signs of ageing.
    Has Resilient-C Complex: high Vit C which improves the skin radiance and protects against free radicals damage
    Hexapeptide 2 and Indian Fig Boost skin clarity and encourage cell renewal while helping to prevent future pigmentation.

    Ectoin & Green tea extract jump start the cellular defence system by helping cells resist drastic environmental stress including UV exposure & chemical aggressors.

Both products can be purchased online. And they have international delivery.

P. S. Not a sponsored review. I bought this for my personal use

Article by Dr Saba Aslam Epthorp

Edited by Humera Chowdhry

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