How our mindset sets our limits

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How our mindset sets our limits!!!


A few days ago, my best friend had a nervous breakdown and definitely needed some kind of therapy to help him come out of it. Venting is the best possible way for one to release off their negative thoughts and energies stored within them. She asked me, “Why am I to suffer, Nikita? I do not have parents. I work all day – all night to earn and save. I wake up to go attend my studies. I have been diligent with my life, be it professional or personal. Then why is it that I am affected with those that pull me down. Infact, why do people consider it fair enough to pull each other down? Shouldn’t it be the other way? Shouldn’t they be collaborating with each other to help foster a community? To build something powerful. To be a knit group of career-driven individuals? Why is it that the society we live in tries to be overpowering? Why is this breed of a generation looking to fight, to compete, to be better, to show their superiority? Why can’t we hold hands together and help each other climb these stepping stones towards growth, abundance and success?

Her words echoed my mind for a couple days. I was appalled with the kind of thought process that ran in her mind. I always assumed people are going to be either of the two, good or bad. There is no in between. I never considered that we as individuals could take an initiative in being the former kind, the good kind, the kind that considers being a part of the community than being a part of a mere petty competition of superiority and inferiority. We as humans are so drenched with the world of competition that we have forgotten the basic values of integrity, generosity, kindness and optimism. We have been blinded by the society to only and only look like we are greedy unsatisfied souls always waiting to snatch and seize an opportunity we’d like to own.

There’s no such thing as just one winner:

Have you seen a Rubik’s cube? Have you tried to solve it? You may think there is just one way to solve it. You’re mistaken. There are a number of solutions to the Rubik’s cube. In a similar fashion, life is like a Rubik’s cube. We all have to face the same issues in different ways, each of us will have our own perspective and ideas of solving it. And guess what? Most of us will be right. Most of these solutions will be correct because there is no such thing as one and only.

In life, we come across a lot of milestones where we consider ourselves to be a competitor, we believe that the other person travelling the same journey as ours is our opponent, that we need to win at any cost. Now, how many of you intend to have an alternative perspective? How many of you think of this opportunity as a collaboration and not just a mere challenge or milestone to cross? We are so blinded the world of competition that we forget to lend a hand at helping each other out.

As a blogger, I have noticed that few writers/bloggers out there are cynical about their products. When they come across blogs that are successful compared to theirs, a bubble of negative thoughts pile up in their mind. But there are plenty other bloggers, who willingly take a stand to be inspired by these successful bloggers and continue their journey peacefully.

It’s all in the state of mind:

I was reading a book named “Mindset by Carol Dweck”. This is when I understood the concept of changing thought processes. Carol has rightly stated that there are two kinds of humans, one that has an active/optimistic mindset and another that live with a passive/regressive mindset.

The ones with an active mindset are an opportunist. They take up challenges as life throws them in our way. These are the achievers. The individuals that have an active mindset are the ones that would consider every criticism pushed in their way as a constructive criticism to help them foster and build themselves, shape themselves into better humans. These individuals have the ability to stay focused, on the ground and take decisions as and when required.

The regressive mindset individuals are the kind who tend to dwell on negative thoughts. They always have a question, “What is this doesn’t work out?” Sending out negative energies to your productive life will only and only hamper your progress. These individuals are the kind who consider the bad in the good, the ones that only talk about success but never take a stand to execute their ideas. These are the blabbering jobs, the ones that panic easily on petty issues. The ones that have poor decision-making skills. The only way to deal with this is by changing your mindset.

Our minds play the most crucial role in our lives. They are our ultimate game changers. Our minds have the ability to influence/alter/amend situations by taking into consideration a number of perspectives that can work out. If you can control your thoughts, you will be able to look at life in a positive manner. Changing your mindset will help you to differentiate between the good and the bad, the societal stereotypical living and how breaking the stereotype of competition can be fruitful.

Today, let’s all pledge to alter our mindsets and turn into progressive individuals with an active mindset, the ones that care for each other and help foster a knit community of passion-driven individuals.


Article by Nikita Raj Raikwar

Nikita Raikwar is an author-cum-entrepreneur looking for inspiration on a daily. Her book “Body Positivity” aims at building a positive body image.  She daylights as a Sr. Content Writer with a book subscription box and spends her nights creating quality content for her blog “The Attic Life”, being a Founder to her company “The Write Side Co.” and doodling for clients with her art store “Fiddled Doodles”
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