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Discover your unique creative flare in an exclusive 10 days workshop by Hira Shah, on relief printmaking technique.

Lino Cut Print Making Workshop – Jeddah KSA

It’s a process where by a relief is created by carving out the surface of a linoleum sheet or wood to create Graphics images , designs or simple artistic creative imagery.

It was earliest used in the 1800s for printing purposes when the Printing Press had not been invented and was used as a cost effective way to print news , magazines etc since back in those ages printing was done by hand and very few were printed due to the amount of time , hard work and accuracy it required.

Lino cut hence proved as a breakthrough technique. However with time great artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse took it further by creating significant patterns and imagery which were appreciated worldwide.

Print making today is seen as an exclusive Art form either taught as an extension and variation of Fine Art and Design.

Hira Shah Creatives recently successfully held Fine Art and Drawing sessions in Jeddah now opens doors to her next workshop to teach this creative art.

The workshop will be held in Rawdah from 15th May 2017 for 5 days. For registration contact on the given number at your earliest as seats are limited.

A graduate from the prestigious Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in the field of Communication Design she brings with herself 10 years of experience in the Pakistani Media (Television Production and Advertising). She’s also an active Women Empowerment and Gender Parity specialist who is currently teaching Art and Photography to women in Jeddah.


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