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  KIDS!!! OH, MY GOD!!!


“Kids are God’s gifts”, “Kids are little angels”, “Without kids, life is nothing”, “If a kid smiles it brings a smile everywhere”..I am sure everyone here might have heard these cute sayings and agreed too. To tell you the truth I still agree but sometimes my three little angel daughters give me such a hard time that the only thing that comes to my mind when I hear this is WTH (that is harsh probably).

Today I just feel like interpreting this cute something into humorous meaningful statements….



  • “Kids are God’s gifts”= “Kids are God’s gifts for my neighbours, friends and relatives because they are the only ones who find them disciplined and flawless”
  • “Kids are little angels”=Kids are little devils in angels disguise”
  • “Without kids, life is nothing”=“Without Kids life is nothing but at least you can do something”
  • “If a kid smiles it brings a smile everywhere”=Stop smiling and go find out what are they smiling so much about”.

There are days in my life when I say things couldn’t be any better and then there are days when I have a total meltdown with kids crying over nothing, pooping every minute till the mere thought of it makes me want to throw up, fighting over waste stuff and by waste I really mean trash, turning the entire house upside down, upturning the dresser items and in short words chaos all over. I have stopped shopping for delicate showpieces for the interior of my house because I am pretty sure about their early demise Moreover the toys have become an integral part of my house. Until the time they grow up which is pretty slow my kids are the interior decorators that are how I usually explain the marker marks on my walls. My daughters are so into makeup that I have entirely stopped buying any though I am looking like a rag.

After all this I will only say I love my kids so much I am a mom and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world.

Now that I have cleared the hidden meaning I feel at ease and for all the expecting mothers I would only say kids are God’s angels GO FOR IT! I too was deceived the same way (evil laugh).


Article by Sana Khan

Edited by Humera Chowdhry



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