He Is My Daddy

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He is my Daddy

Who loves me, scolds me, corrects me,

And guide me when I fall.

He is my Daddy…

Who let me be alone struggling put me in hard work

 In some tough times;

Took my pleasure a few times away, yet loved me

 abundant all his times;

Let me breathe when I needed, ask me to run,

when time gave me a call.

He is my Daddy…

When I won a small prize in my school & hold it with pride,

she is my daughter, she is my daughter cheers everywhere as if

I made a wonder had further much stride.

I remember the time when I fail or got vulnerable when I lost myself like does a chatter fly

All I know to look at you for all my answers, all the strength kept their classified…

 Daddy all I know,

 I had a unique bond which has elements of Love, faith

 and understanding with you…

Daddy, No matter how much I contradict; argue,

I fail to your experiences, your wisdom which always upholds you

Daddy…You always make the effort to listen and share;

You always make the effort to listen and share;

You always make the effort to listen and share;

you always there when you’re needed.

It affectionate me to know how much you care,

And with that awareness, my worries are defeated.

May that phases I had witnessed, was shower of wisdom,

When I was impatience had a period of tranquillity seldom.


Slowly when I crossed the phase and became a woman,

I recognise you care for me more made me

Intensely aware…

Allow me to explore but hold me to appreciate,

To believe in my decision cater me those bonds

Which affectionate to sustain me more and to care.


You never look for praises of your own,

Just goes on quite working for those whom you love most; Your wants were very few, dreams seldom spoken.

Your wants were very few, dreams seldom were spoken.

Today when I see you getting old with same sunshine in your eyes,

I now know a father’s love is an emotion

so immense that nothing in this world can erase it in many tries….


I remember when you hold my hand before

you left me to a new habitat,

Taught me the lesson of love,

compassion and power of giving hopes to others

 A sense of wisdom which kept me bright.

You taught me to lean down like tender fresh trees of evergreen,

 Face any storms of thunder but keep your high esteem.

Slow down, be generous to your new world,

 keep the wounded words to a dissolution,

Remember the Forgiving is the first steps,

which leads you towards redemptions.

Redeem your world to a new elevation,

 Where love affection trust showcases a new acceptation.


Today when playing around with my children holding them in my arms, You and only you daddy are my specials charms …

Even a gratitude will be little But to your love

 care wisdom and tranquillity.

I say Thanks to still get a chance of being at

 receiving end to still gain from your nature artistry.

This Poetry is dedicated to my world,

My most loving Father…

About Me: Naaz Iraqui

A wanderer who believes in life & value writing is to a means of deliverance…

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