Find Your Inner Strength

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Being a woman and mother…Find Your Inner Strength

Boys flying kites can haul in their white winged birds.
You can’t do that way when you’re flying words.
Thoughts unexpressed may sometimes fall back dead, but God himself can’t kill them once they’re said.”
When you say you are angry, you are actually hurt. Anger is easier. Most negative people are just miserable and want to spread that to others. They are jealous in that moment that someone else is happy or confident or whatever.
A baby gives birth to a mother and she wants to do everything in her might to create a camaraderie where both can thrive, I’ve been working hard for the most part and sometimes smart (FTM’s can be weird, critical and borderline crazy). This endeavour is been taxing, 19 months and counting.
An amount of hurt people subject a new mum too is beyond me. Overlooking the effect of postpartum depression, transition from 2 to 3 and from sane to insane. I’ve had my share of grief and lucky for me, my friend offered perspective on my irrational ways and appreciation on the rationale I adopted.
So my lovely ladies, even though you love your husband with every piece of your being, it doesn’t magically make your struggles disappear. It takes a lot of Introspection, constructive criticism and a heartfelt desire to become the best version of ourselves being a mother.
Find within you that inner fire that becomes the invincible summer that will protect you from all the cold behaviour!
Article by Fatima Mehmood

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