Entrepreneurship Fair part of UBT Career & Entrepreneurship Fair (CEF 2017)

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UBT has organized an Entrepreneurship Fair (EF) as part of the UBT career and Entrepreneurship Fair (CEF) 2017. It is an initiative associated with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and is part of Business & Entrepreneurship Clinic (BEC) program. This fair was held on April 17th, 2017 until Wed, Apr 19th, 2017 in Hilton and was primarily aimed for those who are planning a business startup as an entrepreneur.

The Deanship of Scientific Research and College of Business Administration (CBA) invited aspiring entrepreneurs to take part in this unique event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This event wasn’t a job fair, but rather, it was a retooling career aimed at utilizing skills efficiently to improve entrepreneurship expertise among the participants, within the context of new vision 2030 – KSA.



The aim of the fair was to spread awareness about education, especially among young people of the Saudi community. Few of the  Entrepreneurship Fair (EF) aims were to: Promote entrepreneurship as a career, Harness creativity, Network, Promote support and consultancy to SMEs and Entrepreneurs, Exchange Advice and information.

Attendees avail the opportunity and support by Accelerator, Incubator, Seed Fund, Consultancy, Mentorship program, Training, Workshops, Help & Support.

This event was followed by the BEC Mentorship and consultancy Program of 6 weeks duration to the selected entrepreneurs and SMEs, which was presented during the Entrepreneurship Fair.

An entrepreneurship fair was inaugurated with the focus on spreading awareness about education and business opportunity among members of the Saudi community, but it is not limited, and people from other communities also attended the event.

Events like these help the entrepreneur to make an informed choice about their career and understand government and non-government scholarship themes available there.
Some fresh graduates, foreign education training institutes and NGOs providing scholarships among others, participated in this fair. Entrepreneur and career guidance seminars along with interactive sessions on educational opportunities were organised on this occasion.


Many big named company, universities and brand have participated in this event. Youths attending the fair appeared to be happy and satisfied with the entrepreneur and career fair. This is the first time I got a chance to participate in the event that has been organised by UBT and got introduced to the opportunities available for international education which I would not have known otherwise. The massive number of localities had come to attend the fair. It was a huge success, and the organisers met with their goals and objectives.

Article by Humera Chowdhry

photo credit Fiza khan & Humera


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