Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum

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I have always wished to have silky straight hair and as a result of this I have tortured my naturally curly hair extensively with long hours of ironing and blow drying. Now my hair is all the more frizzy and extremely difficult to manage which is why I mostly prefer to tie them up.
I read about the amazing benefits of Argan Oil on the internet so I decided to buy the serum and give it a try. I returned home with high expectations only to find out that Dr.Organic Moroccan Argan Oil serum is no less than magic.
As the name implies, this product is an oil-based serum, with Argan Oil being the most dominant. It also contains ingredients such as Clove Leaf Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil which give it a slightly spicy scent. I know this scent might not go well with most of you so I suggest you get a sniff of it before buying it.
The great thing about this Dr.Organic serum is that a little goes a long way – I roughly only use three pumps to work through my ends especially. After towel-drying my hair I use three pumps of this serum and massage it well into my hair before blow drying. My hair has become beautiful and lustrous and so easy to manage these days. I am kind of addicted to this product now. It is a must-have for everyone who has dry frizzy hair. This can also be used on dry hair before styling. Just apply a few drop to your hair before using a hair styling tool.
Argan Oil is your answer if you are tired of unruly hair that you can never carry as you want to.
By Samreen Ahmed

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