Celebrities’ five benefits of having a best friend in Bollywood

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elebs Five benefits of having a Best Friend in Bollywood


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Let’s face it, it’s better to have a partner in crime than having no partner at all. Especially, in the big bad world of Bollywood. Life isn’t easy being a celebrity. Stars are always worried that they will be written off as notorious by the media. Because, every one of us has skeletons in our closets and no, celebrities don’t like to air dirty laundry in public. Not at the sake of their public image at least.

Five benefits of having a Best Friend in Bollywood:

Girl Power!

They stick with you through your thick and thin. They never judge you and hide you from bad paparazzi spirit. They are always there for you, emotionally especially.


Exclusive Gossip Girl circleIf need be, they go underground with you. They take you to movies, buy off the whole damn store of scented tissues for you, plan trips for HOLIDAYS and make you take a lot of pictures to boost your self-morale. They help you move on without guilt.

It’s true. Every chick who can keep her bestie with her, long enough for both to share hard and good times together, is an original chick from the gossip girl community. Having a net of deal partnerships, these exclusive groups befriend each other to outwit all others at a party, movie, social event, award night; you name it.


They steal the attention to them and are never alone at any social do. Don’t mess with them because everyone is in awe of what opinions they have in mind of you.

Bitching sessions-No other therapy required

You can be on Karan Johar’s talk show and laugh off anyone and everyone. You can share your limelight together and increase fans around the world even more. The glamorous life is not so simple to tell off producers, directors, stylists and co-stars. Celebs need to be liked by the network. But that doesn’t mean they don’t bitch about each other and have silly fights.



This is where the bestie comes in- post your shoot off your movie, or walks in with you at a gala event like royalty sharing secret smiles and raised eyebrows together with you, at people you don’t like and secretly make fun off. This exclusive ability to be able to tell off without offending and in fact, letting the haters guess what’s playing on their mind, makes them more in demand.

Your secret’s safe with them 

They always lend you a secret ear, they won’t tell unless you blow their cover first and they have a lot of similarities which makes them stick to each other as well. Either to boost each other’s confidence, start the game at the same or then save each other from bad gossip by covering up well with good wishes and fun stories about each other.



Sharing is Caring

Having a best friend shows you have a heart, are capable of sharing your happiness. It acts like a cherry on the icing of their public image.




It’s easier to monopolise and keep the enemies at bay. The paparazzi following with never ending visibility in the media due to that makes them the talk of every crowd’s conversation, which is what every star needs to have at all times – Strong recall.

So, who’s your #heartbeatbi‘a’tch? Tell me fun encounters with yours!

PS:Be a friend to have a friend.

Blog is written by Jumana Mahableshwarwalla

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