How to blow dry in professional way!

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Do you feel an obvious difference between blow-drying at home versus salon blow drying? Have you noticed that there is a clear change in your hair texture when it is done by your stylist compared to when you try doing it yourself?



ave you ever have given it a thought as to what is the reason behind this?


Today I would like to discuss few tips and tricks of the trade necessary for a proper blow dry. By following these instructions blow drying would be much easier.


Blow drying instructions step by step:

  • Step1: Before blow-drying, wash your hair with a good shampoo. If you think your hair is thin and flat, wash it with a volumizing shampoo followed by a volumizing conditioner. If your hair texture is dry and frizzy, try using a moisturising shampoo and a moisturising conditioner so that your hair won’t look dry and heat-related damage would be minimal.


  • Step 2: when it comes to drying, make sure you towel dry your hair to get rid of all the dripping water and then regular dry with the hairdryer using your hands. Don’t forget to use heat protectant spray or serum before using the dryer and set your hair dryer speed to medium just to minimise hair damage.

  • Step3: Before you start using a round brush, use your hands to comb your roots in an upward direction to give it some volume and lift. Make sure all the hair are 60 to 70 percent dry before you use a round brush.

  • Step:4 Once your hair is dry up to 60 to 70 percent, you may then use a round brush. You must use a professional blow-drying round brush. It could be either ceramic brush with synthetic bristles or ceramic boar bristles brush. The size of the brush also matters depending upon the amount of volume you would like to create. For more volume and bounce, use a large brush; whereas for less volume but tight curls, you might use smaller size brushes.



  • Step 5: 
     Make clear sections. Never take section wider than the width of your brush. Sectioning is important
    to avoid repetition or confusion of blow-drying same strand, again and again. It gives you a good control over your hair while blow-drying and makes your job much easier.



  • Step 6: Start from the roots holding your round brush to 90-degree angle from the scalp to give hair its maximum volume. Then work your way through the mid-shaft and then the ends with a continuous movement and equal tension in your brush without applying too much heat to one particular patch. This will cause the heat to distribute evenly throughout your hair strand.
When you begin your blow-drying, start working from the back of your neck, then go up and do the next section. Gradually move on until you do the whole head. You must use a nozzle with your hair dryer so that the air remains focused on each hair strand.


Step 7: After all your sections have been done, don’t forget to give your hair a cold air shot to close the cuticles and make your hair smooth and shiny.

Contributed By:

 Hajra Sharif

Cosmetologist (Hair Styling)

L’Oreal Certified Color Technician

Vancouver BC, Canada










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