“Azadi Tribute on 70th Independence Day- The Beauty of Pakistani Women”

On the Premier of ELW Store Presents "Azadi Tribute Film - Beauty of Pakistani Women"

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On 9th August 2017, beating the summer heat in Karachi, I got to know about an interesting event that got me all excited which was based around the topic I’m so passionate about; empowering women! I was nominated to represent The Radiant Women’s Journal (TRWJ) editorial team at the event.

ELW had booked the swanky Stars Club café in the hub of the Metro; we walked in to see a group of assorted women wearing immaculate makeup. In all this, I met a smiling dusky gorgeous face who introduced herself as Muna Farhad. Muna was the brainchild behind the entire event.  Mother to one and expecting her second, one is taken in by her honest, humble and friendly stride. You cannot miss the bubbly spark.

The show started a little late as we awaited the arrival of Mrs Aliya Sarim Burney who runs of the city’s prominent NGOs. Muna took the mic, made the opening note and introduced her guests which included a variety of women belonging to various facets of Fashion and Media world. There was a segment of an opening speech by the Host of Featured bloggers group Mehwish Khurram Ansari who came all the way from Dubai for her social media group’s promotion in Karachi. Later, Azadi Tribute film was screened and the event was closed with a short session of discussion hosted by the Producer of the film, Muna Farhad. As an anchor, the excitement for featured personalities of Middle East Beauty Bloggers (M. E. B. B.) were actually the red carpet moments and those short interviews and idea sharing with the press. All exchanged notes on the event which was the launch of the short film based on M. E. B. B., an online fashion and makeup portal in the Middle East supported by thousands of followers. There were sponsored giveaways for everyone and the honorary guests from ELW Store, BeautyWorld and Reasonables.com. At the uniquely themed Lollywood restaurant, Stars Club, the ELW held a non-commercial project, sending a message to the entire world about the Pakistani women, describing her beauty as her courage and her aim. 


I was pleasantly surprised when Muna called out my name to share some thoughts on behalf of The Radiant Women’s Journal. Blinded by the lights, I felt I had gone back to the Media buzz days of my career in Karachi as a TV show host and an activist.

From left: Mir Farhad Khalid, Omair Alavi, Hira Kamal and Muna Farhad

Muna showcased her opening shots which were intensely filmed and captured remarkably on 35 MM. The event coincided with Pakistan Independence Day giving it greater meaning to showcase how we see women emerging today as talented and free thinking souls, who have fought their way to make themselves heard despite all white noise.


We congratulate Mehwish and Muna and their teams on coming together for such a powerful project and we wish them the best for all their future endeavours.

Asif Nicky
Muna Farhad, Hira Shah & Mehvish Khurram
Aliya Tipu

Honorary Guests & Speakers:

Aliya Sarim Burney (Sarim Burney Trust)

Aliya Tipu (Owner, Chain of Allenora Salons)

Shagufta Yasmeen (Television Artist, Special Educator & RJ)

Prominent guests: Omar Alvi (Journalist), Asif Nicky (Media Manager),

Kiran Aftab (Journalist/Anchor person) and Hira Kamal (Media Activist)

FEATURING: Middle East Beauty Bloggers
An AGXP Studio film.
Directed by: Mir Farhad Khalid
Produced by: Muna Farhad
Script & Screen Play: Muna & Farhad
Cast: Kiran Aftab, Mehwish Khurram Ansari, Cenam Iqbal, Anam Allahwala, Laraib Ayaz, Rabia Malik, Soniya Baghdadi Khan, Sonya Ubair.

Voice Over: Prof. Syed Nusrat Ali

WATCH Video: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ELWstoreOfficial/videos/?ref=page_internal

The writer of this article belongs to the Pakistani Electronic Media. She’s a passionate women empowerment activist and currently persuades women to express themselves creatively in Jeddah through her sessions.

Article by Hira Shah

Edited by Humera Chowdhry

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